Chaukandi Makli Necropolis Thatta Pakistan – Largest and Oldest Graveyard in World

If you are planning a trip to explore Sindh, do not forget to visit Chaukandi Makli. It is the largest and oldest Graveyard in Asia. This necropolis forms an early Islamic cemetery. The place is popular for the sandstone carvings of the tombs of rich and influential people. These people include Kings, queens, governors, scholars, saint and philosophers. The place is situatednear Thatta in Sindh about 30 minutes away from Karachi.

The necropolis dates back to several centuries old and it is famous because it is the world’s largest funerary sites. They are called the Chaukhandi because this word means four-cornered.You will find hundreds of tombs there. Tourists find this place interesting for several reasons. Nearly there are half millions of graves and all the graves are oriented in a north-south axis. The site belongs to the sixteenth century and the carvings are like the Samma Cluster. People come here to visit the tombs of the influential tribes of Jokhio, Baloch and Burpat. These tribes date back to the 13th to 17th centuries. These are the oldest graves so tourists find them interesting. Find Best Tour Packages in Pakistan

Traveling to Chaukhandi Makli

The nearby city is Thatta, which was once the hub of Islamic culture. The tourists also know about Sindh civilization. It is an attractive tourist place because the nearby necropolis is so vast. Even it is one of the largest graveyards in the world. The different brick or stone monuments are interesting for people. This is the reason a great number of visitors come to see this site. Some graves are very lavishly decorated. If you have an interest in the sightseeing of monumental buildings, you should choose Chaukundi Makli. These buildings give the idea of the social and political history of the Sindh.

Another nearby city is Karachi. If you are visiting Karachi, then you must visit Chaukundi Makli. It is one of the top tourist destinations and you can never forget this tour experience. So make your trip memorable by visiting this historic site.  The design and architecture of the tombs are also magnificent. The unique designs of tombs are the main features of Sindhi and Baloch cultures. The tombs are either a single grave or a group of about eight sarcophagi.

Traveling Information

Tourists from other countries who visit Pakistan should also visit this site. This beautiful and interesting place expresses the culture and rich history of Sindh. Those who have a special interest in history must also visit it. Historical sites are always a source of attraction for visitors and Sindh Chaukundi Makli is very popular among tourists.

You can travel to Chaukhandi Makli by hiring a taxi or any ride. It does not take long to reach the site. It will take from 30 to 40 minutes to reach this place. It is one of the best places to visit in Sindh. Visit the site during the daytime because it is not advisable to visit in the evening. Local people do not recommend tourists to stay there after the sunset


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