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We make your trip exciting by adding a-lot of fun in it.

we would arrange different stuff for you such as:

  • arrangement of local musical shows
  • camping, barbecues & bonfire
  • hiking & climbing
  • experiencing local cultures & customs
  • eating traditional dashes
  • admissions to places (Castles, Havalies, Museums & Gardens etc.)
  • walking in local street & shopping local things (you may pay for shopping)
  • visiting locals and participating in discussions/chats with locals
  • attending sports, events and festivals etc

All  these add-on would be offered totally  free of cost and would include in the tour package

Accommodation is included in our packages throughout your trip; you would be staying in top hotels, farm houses and cultural houses with the hygienic and quality accommodation facilities.

TripperUp would offer you 24/7 support, you can call us locally while in your country and while here call us directly or chat us anytime; you get free internet while here!

  • few remote areas may not have mobile signals and internet access!

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While you are in Pakistan, we will provide you instant contact persons list, to be contacted according to your needs throughout your trip.

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You do not need to be worried about your transport as our packages include the top VIP Cars & Jeeps; we would be picking you up from the Airport & drop you back to airport, saying goodbye on your departure.

Professional local tour guide services are included; you would get a chance to know more about the history, culture and customs of different places you are visiting.

General Knowledge

There are 14 mountains in the world that are above 8000 meters amongst them five are in Pakistan, four in the Karakoram Range and one in Himalayas.

List of Pakistan’s 8000ers:

1- K2  at  8,611 m  – 2nd in the World

2- Nanga Parbat  at 8,126m / 26,660ft   –  9th 

3- Gasherbrum I at 8,080m / 26,510ft – 11th

4- Broad Peak at 8,051m / 26,414ft – 12th  

5- Gasherbrum II  at 8,035m / 26,362ft – 13th

Concordia k2 is one of the most favorite adventure destinations in the world, located in the heart of Karakoram mountains. Trekker around the world choose this top adventure travel spot for their adventurous plans. Concordia campsite is situated at 4,691 meters or 15,390 ft above sea level. The panoramic view of Concordia is worthwhile. There are 41 over 6,500m with 4 over 8,000m peaks within the radius of 16Km, and at the top of everything the first glimpse of the Mighty K2 shall be seen from here. Concordia k2 Trek is the most popular trek not only for the domestic but also for foreign trekkers visiting Pakistan.
Concordia is where the gigantic Baltoro Glacier converges with the Godwin-Austen Glacier in the Karakorum Mountains. Baltoro has hundreds of peaks and K2 is one of them. It will be one of your life adventure tours Pakistan (adventure tours) journey as you will have unforgettable memories. It is the place from where you will get the best views of K2. During Concordia K2 Trek, trekkers follow a rocky trail that winds up the mighty Baltoro Glacier, passing through a colossal amphitheater of sky-scraping summits.

Gondogoro Pass is located in the Baltistan region of north Pakistan and it is a 5585 meter (18,323 ft) high mountain pass, about 25 km (15.5 mi) south of the K2 mountain. Gondogoro La connects Baltoro and the Hushe Valley valley. K2 base camp and Gondogoro la trek are very challenging and tough, consider one of the highest altitude trekking tough routes with a rewarding experience. This pass has mountains panorama with all of the Karakoram’s 8000m peaks close at hand, such as K2 Mountain, world 2nd highest peak stand at 8611m, Gasherbrum I, is the 11th highest mountain in the world at 8,080m, Broad Peak, located near to K2, is the12th highest in the world at 8,047m and Gasherbrum II, comes 13th in the world at 8,035m. There is a beautiful Laila Peak and the regions of Hushe and Kanday. The trekking involves Class 4 climbing with crampons; Gondogoro la pass is very steep and you need fixed ropes to cross it. Gondogoro la trek is not like conventional trekking. Gondogoro la difficulty can be understood to know that you will find about 50-degree snow slopes along the northeast side and southwest side also has a 50-degree slope with rock-fall. Both sides have avalanche danger and require rope fixing.

List of of 7 longest non polar Glaciers in the world.

1-Fedchenko Glacier

Length:  48 miles
Location: Tajikistan
Ranking: 1st

2- Siachen Glacier

Length:  47 miles
Location: Pakistan – India 
Ranking: 2nd

3- Biafo Glacier

Length:  42 miles
Location: Pakistan  (Gilgit-Baltistan)
Ranking: 3rd

4- Brüggen Glacier

Length:  41 miles
Location: Chile
Ranking: 4th

5- Baltoro Glacier

Length:  39 miles
Location: Pakistan  (Gilgit-Baltistan)
Ranking: 5th

6- South Inylchek Glacier

Length:  37.6 miles
Location: Kyrgyzstan, China, and Kazakhstan
Ranking: 6th

7- Batura Glacier

Length:  35 miles
Location: Pakistan  (Gilgit-Baltistan)
Ranking: 7th

  • 4 out of 7 glaciers are located in Pakistan.


You should inform us ASAP; at-least one week ahead of your scheduled tour to get a full refund. A minimum  termination fee could be charged by our payment gateway systems. There would be no refunds for cancellations within or after 48 hours of your tour in case you decided not to show up.

A full refund would be made in case of a group tour does not meet its minimum number of people required. You would be offered a different date/ tour or a full amount would be refunded you back.

Considering the weather conditions or infrastructure problem you would be offered a different date/ tour package or a full amount would be refunded.

Yes. You must place an order to reserve your spots on all tours. It would help us make proper arrangements to ensure that your trip remains manageable and enjoyable, and further it allows us to notify you if any changes to the tour due to any reason.

We do not require you to print any documents or proof of order reservation. However, we require that you show your Order ref.# on your show up at airport; this reference you would get on your email upon completion of your order. Write order # down or memorise it.


No, you would not pay any extra charges while here; charges such as any fees or fuel surcharges, meals charges, charges for transportation or accommodation. The price listed on the website is the final amount you pay it’s inclusive local taxes.

Yes, we offer custom tours and can design a tour exactly to meet your demands . Please write us at tours@triptop.tours to discuss in order to design your own tour. you may contact us via contact for  or chat online with our representative.

Your custom tour would cost almost same as our existing tours, cost would be calculated once we understand your needs.


Wear whatever is comfortable. It is recommended to have a sturdy pair of broken-in trail shoes, boots, or sneakers. It is preferable to dress in layers and wear clothing that will wick away perspiration and keep you dry and comfortable

Not much, remember our trips are all inclusive. We do suggest you bring appropriate clothing to fit the season and a day pack to carry extra snacks and water.


Yes, our tours are 100% safe.

All our tours are design to consider the safety of our visitors; we offer all these tours after considering all safety measures and following government and security agencies instructions and policies; we alway kept in touch with them to get updates regularly.

Further, our security squad move along with us to make sure your safety throughout the tour.

Security situation in Pakistan has improved greatly since last several years; tourism getting double in each coming year.
Islamabad capital city of Pakistan is considered world safest city and beats big cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Shanghai.

Other safest areas are Norther Areas of Pakistan, Gilgit-baltistan, Punjab, KPK and Sindh provinces of Pakistan.

There are no fully unsafe areas in Pakistan; Pakistan security forces working hard to control safety and security issues in Pakistan.

Balochistan areas, Bordering Iran and Afghanistan, the mainly deserted areas are still unstable region in the country, the main reason being the fact that the border with Afghanistan is very long. In January 2021, New fence is put on afghan border that minimizes this threat as well.


We do hike in the rain, snow, wind and any other weather conditions that nature decides to throw at us. After all, we’re going on adventures! If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the trip will be changed or postponed. You will be notified the week of your trip if there are changes due to weather.

Pakistan has mainly four seasons:

Winter: A cool and dry winter from December through February

Spring: A hot and dry spring from March through May;

Summer: the summer / rainy season from June through September;

Monsoon/Autumn: The retreating monsoon period of October and November.
The duration of seasons in Pakistan would vary somewhat according to location.

Pakistan has wide variations between extremes of temperature at different location. The climate of Pakistan is generally characterized by hot summers and cool or cold winters.