Indus Valley Civilization – Two of the Main Cities were Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro

Sightseeing of Indus civilization is for the tourists who love history and want to step back into the past. Indus civilization is a source of attraction for tourists because it is an ancient civilization and relates to the history of humankind. People often ask about the best time to visit Mohenjo Daro. The hottest months of the sites include June, May, July, and August. The average temperature during these months is 102°F. The coldest months are January, February, November, and December. The average temperature is 42°F during these months. March, August, April, and February are the raining months, Find Best Tour Packages in Pakistan.

Visiting Indus Civilization

If you want to see the oldest civilizations in the world, you must choose the Indus Valley Civilization. As it is thousands of years old, so it always attracts visitors from all over the world. This civilization thrived for more than 1000 years and then it disappeared due to an unknown reason. There is no proper proof for the age of this huge civilization but some sites narrate the history. The most prominent sites include Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. For years, these two sites are attracting visitors and today it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Travelling to Harappa and Mohenjodaro can give you the opportunity to know about life in the Indian subcontinent.

Indus Valley Civilization

The Site of Harappa

The tourists get an understanding of life around 5000 to 1500 BC. In Harappa, the houses were made of bricks and had the proper drainage system. The thing that attracts visitors is the rich culture of Harappa. It is an archaeological site and when they visit the site, they go back to the glorious history of the site.  Visitors see how modern this city was even thousands of years before. The site gives a glimpse of the customs and traditions of the area. This place is great for visitors especially historians.  Due to the historical importance, the visitors are increasing in number.

City Gate of Harappa City (illustration)


The Site of Mohenjo-daro

The history of Mohenjodaro dates back to the 26th century BCE. It was the most advanced city with modern civil engineering and metropolitan planning. The city disappeared due to the decline of the Indus civilization. This city also had the most carefully planned infrastructure. Tourists visit the site to see the advancement or the city. Thousands of years back, there were large public baths, meeting halls, and houses with multiple stories. All these things are a source of attraction for visitors. The city is near Karachi. It will take about an hour to travel to Mohenjodaro by air. The city has a small airport so only small airplanes go there.

It is also possible for tourists to visit Mohenjodaro by train. Traveling by train takes about 9 hours. Those who visit Mohenjodaro can stay in hotels. There are many hotels in the city for tourists to stay in. Tourists can even stay for weeks there. The visitors can find accommodations of all types around Mohenjo Daro. These accommodations can suit the needs of every tourist. The landmarks and attractions in these sites are a great attraction for visitors. Some hotels are very reasonable and charge the lowest price.

There are many facilities for tourists. They can easily move around the places. So, plan to visit Indus Civilization to explore the place.


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