Is Pakistan safe for travel, all you need to know ?

Is Pakistan safe for Tourists?

Pakistan is a beautiful country and it has a lot to offer to the tourists of the world.  The government of Pakistan is also promoting tourism in the country. Pakistan has a unique culture, beautiful and charming views. The northern areas of Pakistan are very amazing. If you visit these places, you not only enjoy the beauty of the place but also learn the traditional lifestyle.

The good news is that international tourism is growing in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are hospitable and they welcome the foreign tourists around the world. Every year, there is an increase in the number of tourists. 

Role of Foreign Media 

Pakistan would be one of the best travel destinations in the world. Unfortunately, in the past few years the media created a negative image of the country. People believed that it is not safe to visit Pakistan for tourism. People thought Pakistan is a war torn country and people are brutal here. Due to the terrorist attacks, tourism in Pakistan suffered a lot. This also ruined the image of Pakistan. Some military campaigns against local extremists also ruined the image of Pakistan in front of the international world.  If you talk generally, there is no place in the world which we would say it to be 100% safe. Every country and every flood has some risks and dangers. Foreigners must come to see a peaceful charming Pakistan as they used to

Safety In Different Terms of Terrorism

We count the safety of tourists in different terms. If we talk about terrorism, then tourists should have peace of mind. Pakistan is free of terrorism and now tourists from different countries of the world come and visit the places. They not only find Pakistan awesome, but also completely safe. They enjoy the natural beauty and get a lot of information. There are many historic sites where they enjoy their trip.

Natural Hazards & Safety:

When we talk about natural hazards, then tourists may have considered earthquakes, heavy rains and floods only. However, the overall condition is completely stable. The tourists should not even be concerned about the safety of solo female travelers. It would be better for females to choose to take friends or family on a trip to Pakistan. 

Food Hygiene in Pakistan:

The food in Pakistan is good and hygienic. Visitors must not worry at all. Some enemies of Pakistan vastly misrepresented the country. The truth is that Pakistan is completely safe for travelers.

Avail a Tour Operator:

Different tour operators arrange trips and if you become a part of any tour group, it will be completely safe. These tour operators take more security measures and keep your safety on priority. but make sure if these tour operators are authorized tour operating agencies and registered with SECP (Security Exchange Companies Pakistan) and hold a valid DTS license. 

Minor Risks: 

Obviously, some risks may always present in certain parts of the big cities. However, it happens everywhere in the world, no country is completely risk-free. minor risks like street crimes may still happen but these issues are not very serious. Pakistan is now more secure than its neighbors

Tourism is Growing in Pakistan 

Not only the northern areas of Pakistan but also the other cities like Lahore and Karachi are also very popular from the tourism point of view. Many foreigner tourists who visit Pakistan have changed their perception about Pakistan. They always recommend other people to visit the country at least once to understand the ground realities of Pakistan. Pakistan is changing and Pakistan is welcoming tourists around the world. Tourism is increasing and we expect it to boom in the years to come. 


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