Our tour packages are specially designed for our international guests who are willing to travel Pakistan. We have made special efforts to design our custom group tours Pakistan, so these tours include Pakistan’s top, most secure, and amazing destinations. Trip Top Tours is one of the top tour operators in Pakistan, we always ensure our tour packages are memorable for all the right reasons. Adventure tours and extreme challenges usually involve some element of risk. We try our best to comply with international standards and risk assessing all our trips and tours in Pakistan.  All of our staff speaks good English, our team includes the best English-speaking guides with huge experience in travel and tourism to work with international visitors. Their top priority is to ensure you are well looked after and they are concerned about your health and safety throughout the trip. Further, they shall be giving you real insights into Pakistan’s traditions and culture.

We have designed a variety of trips to meet foreigners’ needs and demands, including the Northern areas of Pakistan list of tour packages (the land of peaks); Pakistan tour packages include Pakistan holiday packages, summer tour packages, sports & winter Tour packages to Pakistan, further, we are offering a trip to different cities of Pakistan and a special tour of Indus valley civilization. You can now book the best adventure and trekking tours to Pakistan, and find amazing cultural and historic experiences, road trips, sightseeing, and religious sites of the country with us.  We guarantee you the best Pakistan tour package prices; we have designed these trips in a way to make each of your monuments memorable.

Tour Packages for Foreigners

Fairy meadows nanga parbat tour
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North Adventure Tour- Hunza Valley and Fairy Meadows

This trip is especially designed for the people who are found of adventure tourism; it is a blend of sightseeing
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Explore Pakistan - Culture and History Tour

Our team has designed this amazing tour of great Pakistan which could give you a deep insight into the culture
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Baltoro Glacier Trek - Trekking K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La

K2 Base Camp is considered one of the world top treks. K2 Base Camp Trek is an arduous and challenging
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Explore The Kalash Valleys Culture in The Heart of Hindu-Kush

In this cultural tour we would explore the The Kalasha Valleys in Chitral District northern of Pakistan. These ancient valleys
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Cycling Trip on World Highest and Oldest Routes in Pakistan

This trip is especially designed for the people who are found of adventure tours; it is a blend of sightseeing
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This trip is especially designed for the people who are found of adventure travel; you would be travel from Islamabad,
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7 Days full Sikh Yatra Tour to Pakistan

There are about 130 important historical Sikhism Gurdwaras are located in Pakistan Some 28 of Gurdwaras are built in the
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Winter Ski Tour North Pakistan

This trip is specially arranged for those people who love snow and like master in skiing.  We are arranging ski
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What Does Pakistan Offer To International Tourists?

Pakistan is one of the most preferred countries in the world when it comes to adventure tourism, in Pakistan tourists can find a lot to see and experience. The country has a diverse culture and natural beauty. It means that tourists will not only find amazing and beautiful places but also explore Pakistan’s cultural, historic, and traditional sites. This is the reason Pakistan is being considered one of the top tourists destinations in the coming years.  Pakistan is the land of beauty, culture, and traditions; there are many amazing sites in the country, and if you want to visit the most diverse country; you should visit Pakistan at least once in your life. Visiting different sites will surely give you fascinating and memorable experiences.

Nature Beauty  of Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with natural beauty, and the northern areas of Pakistan are very beautiful throughout the year. In summer, the weather is cool and pleasant and in winter, there are snow-capped peaks and frozen lakes. The valleys are amazingly beautiful and calm, and their rivers and wildlife attract visitors from around the world. The top places to see natural beauty include Neelum Valley, Kashmir, Hunza, Swat, Kalash, Kaghan, Murree, Rawalakot, and more. The beauty in such places is unmatched. Hunza is named the paradise of Pakistan and is one of the top tourists attractions in the country. There is much more nature to explore alongside the mighty Indus river and a chance to visit the best natural tourist places in Punjab Pakistan. These sites are famous all over the world and tourists from all across the world come to visit the places. The magnificent landscapes in Pakistan attract a great number of international tourists every year.

Adventure Tours Pakistan

Whether you are alone or with a group of people we have designed custom adventure tours for you; whether prefer rugged adventure tours or trekking tours, road trips, or sightseeing, we would make your trip to Pakistan memorable. Our adventure tours have a lot to offer, you could have a chance to go for  K2 base camp trek or trekking Baltoro Glacier base camp at 5,150 meters on the world’s 2nd highest mountain in the heart of Karakoram. View of 5 8000ers out of 14 in the world,  K2 (8,611m), Broad Peak (8,051m), Nanga Parbat (8,126m), Gasherbrum I & II. and other peaks Gasherbrum 4, Laila, Gondogoro Peak view. View of Baltoro Glacier (5th longest and world’s largest outside polar region). Road trips to historic Hindukusch mountains and Kalash valley culture. Trek to scenic Hunza Valley and the world’s highest paved road on the Karakoram range. Seeing glacial lakes, waterfalls, and streams during your trip. Visiting Fairy Meadows & Sightseeing in Skardu and Islamabad.

Historic and Cultural Sites

Pakistanis are rich in cultural history and have many historic sites including the remains of ancient civilizations and monuments of the Mughal era. Some of the religious sites of Hindus and Sikhs are also a part of source of attraction for visitors. The cultural and historic sites in Pakistan are worth visiting. The top historic sites include Shalimar garden, Maqbara Jahangir, Hiran Minar, Mohenjo Daro, Makli Necropolis, Noor Mehl, old temples of Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh Yatra, the tomb of Guru Nanak, Gurdwara Ajman asthana Nankana sahib, and many more places are a top tourist attraction. Thousands of visitors across the world visit the places.

These historic places attract not only Pakistani tourists but also foreigners. The colorful and rich culture including the tribal cultures of Pakistan is also an attraction for the visitors. The local and traditional costumes, traditional dances, and festivals also attract tourists.

We guarantee you a most pleasant, fun, secure, and VIP trip to Pakistan; you would relish our tours and get a chance to enjoy the beauty of colorful Pakistan.

Facts about Pakistan Tourism

Here is a list of some  of the interesting facts about tourism in Pakistan:

  • Home to the second highest mountain “K2” and the three highest mountain ranges in the world
  • Pakistan is home to Biafo Glacier, the largest glacial system outside of the polar regions
  • The rooftop of the world, Gilgit-Baltistan, along with four of the 10 highest peaks of the planet, make Pakistan the ‘rooftop of the world’.
  • World’s tallest vertical mountain, Trango Towers
  • Hunza Eagle’s Nest is the only viewpoint in the world where you get an eye-catching panoramic view of great peaks over 6,000-meter height with a maximum 7,788 meters high mount. A few of the top peaks are Rakaposhi, Golden Peak, Diran Peak, Ultar Peak & Lady Finger.
  • Gwadar port at the Arabian Sea is the world’s largest deep-sea port in size
  • The largest earth-filled dam in our world, Tarbela Dam on  Indus River
  • Travel on the Karakoram Highway is one of the highest paved roads in the world
  • Lake Saiful Muluk is situated at an elevation of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) above sea level,  Pakistan’s highest lake
  • The Tharparkar desert is the world’s only fertile desert.
  • Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan is the world’s oldest mine and the second-largest salt mine in the world
  • The highest polo ground in the world is located at Shandur Top
  • Pakistan has the world’s largest ambulance network
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites include the archeological ruins at Moenjodaro;  the ancient ruins of Taxila, the Buddhist ruins of Takht-i-Bahi; the fort and Shalamar Gardens in Lahore; the monuments at Makli and Fort Rohtas
  • Pakistan boasts the world’s highest ATM at a height of 16,007 feet above sea level, at the Pak-China border, Khunjerab Pass.
  • Changa Manga is a man-made forest located in Pakistan. It is the largest manmade forest, and it is also the oldest.
  • Pakistan irrigation systems cover 14.5 million hectares of land and are one of the largest canal irrigation systems in the world
  • Makli Hill is one of the largest necropoleis (cemeteries with elaborate tomb monuments) located in Thatta, it’s home to over half a million tombs and graves.
  • Naltar ski resort is situated  at a top elevation of 2,950 meters in the Karakoram range Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Truck art  (decorating trucks) is very famous
  • Sugarcane juice is the national drink of Pakistan.
  • The Markhor (Ibex) is the national animal of Pakistan.
  • Curry and spices are used very often in Pakistani cuisine, which leads us to #2 in the World.
  • Do you know that almost half of the world’s footballs are manufactured in Pakistan
  • Over the last few years, Pakistan’s literacy rate has risen a whopping 250%.
  • The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is ranked the second most beautiful capital in the world.

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