Information on Tourist Visa for Pakistan

Pakistan has recently launch its Online Visa System for Tourists around the worlds. e-visa system allows citizens of 50 countries to avail Tourist Visa On Arrival for Pakistan; Citizens of over 190 countries are now eligible to apply for tourist visa for Pakistan online using e-visa system.

Who is Eligible for Tourist Visa?

  • Citizens of countries listed at this page are eligible to apply for a tourist visa for Pakistan
  • There are 191 countries who qualified for Pakistan Tourists Visa 
  • Citizens of 50 countries are eligible for Tourist Visa on Arrival for Pakistan 

Documents Requirement 

  1. Photograph
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Invitation Letter by the Trip Top Tours designated by the department of tourist services

Tourist Visa Validity & Types

  • Tourist Visa on Arrival  is valid for 30 Days only
  • Nationals of  Malaysia, Turkey & UAE may be granted a 30-day, multiple-entry Visa Upon Arrival
  • New Tourist Visa for Single Entry for short duration is less than 3 months (First Time entry).
  • Tourist Visa can get extension up to 6 Months or more
  • Citizens from e visa eligible countries (online tourist visa eligible countries list) may be eligible for a Double Entry Tourist Visa.
  • Citizens of US can avail Tourist visa for 5 years (multiple entry visa) with maximum 3 months to stay in Pakistan

Tourist Visa Processing Time 

  • Visa on Arrival for up to 3 Months : 48-72 Hours (Working Hours)
  • First Entry Tourist Visa for up to 3 Months : 7-10 days (Working Days)
  • Tourist Visa Extension up to 6 Months : 7-10 days (Working Days)
  • Tourist Visa Extension Greater than 6 Months : 4 Weeks (Working days)

Tourist Visa Extension:

When you are eligible to apply for visa extension?
It is once you possess a valid Pakistan visa and you are residing in Pakistan as well.

You may apply for a tourist visa extension for duration:

  • Tourist Visa Extension up to 6 Months 
  • Tourist Visa can also be Extended for 6 months or more

*A Tourist Visa can be extended for up to 6 Months or more, subject to approval.

Tourist Visa On Arrival 

  • Tourists from 50 countries are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival. 
  • Eligible applicant who plans to travel Pakistan should submit his/her INTENT to travel at least 48-72 hours before the trip to Pakistan in order to receive an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)
  • All application must be submitted online through Pakistan Online Visa System
  • The Intent to Travel can be received in the form of a Valid ETA upon submission of your online visa application through Pakistan Online Visa System.

How to Apply for Tourist Visa for Pakistan

A Tourist Visa can be applied online through the government of Pakistan Online Visa System by submitting your visa application online.

Apply Online    :        Tourist Visa for Pakistan 

Download PDF :       Tourist Visa Application Guide

Countries Eligible for Pakistan Online Visa