The Magnificent of Himalayas and Karakoram Peaks
The Fascinating Culture and Colors of Pakistan
The Religious Touch of Pakistan
Sikh Guru Yatra
Hindu Pilgrimages
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Enchanting Beauty of Nature
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Why Choose Us?

Amazing Add-ons

Amazing Add-ons

We make your trip exciting by adding a-lot of fun in it i.e. we would arrange special musical shows, sports events, experiencing local cultures & customs, participating in local discussions, events and festivals.

Tour Guides

Tour Guides

Professional local tour guide services are included; you would get a chance to know more about the history, culture and customs of different places you are visiting.

Safe & Secure Environment

Safe & Secure Environment

Today Pakistan is totally safe for travelers of all genders; we will make sure our security squad make sure your safety throughout the tour…

VIP Transport

VIP Transport

You do not need to be worried about your transport as our packages include the top VIP Cars & Jeeps; we would be picking you up from the Airport & drop you back to airport, saying goodbye on your departure.

Stay Connected

Say Connected

We would offer you 24/7 support, you can call us locally while in your country & call us directly while in here. Connect us on WhatsApp or chat with us on our website anytime; you get access to free internet while here!



Accommodation is included in our packages throughout your trip; you would be staying in top hotels, farm houses and cultural houses with the hygienic and quality accommodation facilities.

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Tour Reviews


Explore Hunza Valley and Fairy Meadows

Extremely breathtaking!
From the time I decided to join the whole team i was extremely super excited and guess what it was worth visiting and made me feel i am floating in the heaven for a while.. The feeling of being there and experiencing every little thing with a touch of hand is something which made me feel alive.
I wish i could go there once again and will feel alive once again with the the everlasting experience of wandering and exploring out the entire little joy, thank you Tripperup team!
Awesome tour, qualified tourguides, and remarkable view of Hunza and fairymeadows.

Trip Top Tours Agency

Trip Top Tours Company is a registered corporation offering Adventure Tours, Cultural Tours, Religious Tours and Sightseeing Tours packages in Pakistan for International Tourists.

We have customized our packages according to our tourists’ demands; packages range vary from land of peaks (northern area) tour packages, Summer Tour Packages, Autumn tour packages, and Winter Tour Packages, further we are offering Pakistan cities and Indus valley civilization Tours.

Either your alone or a group of people who would prefer rugged adventure tours and trekking tours or a couple who wanted to make their Honeymoon trip memorable, we guarantee you a most pleasant, fun, secure and VIP trip to Pakistan; you would relish our tours and get a chance to enjoy the beauty of colorful Pakistan. The way Pakistan vary from lowest point from 0 meter to highest point mount K2 (8,611 m); same way Pakistan terrain divided in to several major geographic areas such as the northern highlands, the Indus River plain in the center and east, and the Balochistan Plateau in the south and west.  Pakistan lives with a diverse population, with several ethnic groups, and a variety of cultures and languages.

Do You know Some Interesting Tourism related Facts about Pakistan:

  • Home to the second highest mountain “K2” and the three highest mountain ranges in the world
  • Pakistan is home to Biafo Glacier, the largest glacial system outside of the polar regions
  • The rooftop of the world, Gilgit-Baltistan, along with four of the 10 highest peaks of the planet, make Pakistan the ‘rooftop of the world’. 
  • World tallest vertical mountain, Trango Towers
  • Hunza Eagle’s Nest is the only viewpoint in the world where you get an eye-catching panoramic view of  great peaks over 6,000 meter height with a maximum 7,788 meters high mount. Few of the top peaks are Rakaposhi, Golden Peak, Diran Peak, Ultar Peak & Lady Finger.
  • Gwadar port at Arabian Sea is the world’s largest deep sea port in size
  • The largest earth-filled dam in our world, Tarbela Dam on  Indus River
  • Travel on the Karakoram Highway is one of the highest paved road in the world
  • Lake Saiful Muluk is situated on an elevation of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) above sea level,  Pakistan’s highest lake
  • The Tharparkar desert is the world’s only fertile desert.
  • Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan is the world oldest mine and second largest salt mine in the world
  • The highest polo ground in the world located at Shandur Top
  • Pakistan has the world’s largest ambulance network
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites includes the archeological ruins at Moenjodaro;  the ancient ruins of Taxila, the Buddhist ruins of Takht-i-Bahi; the fort and Shalamar Gardens in Lahore; the monuments at Makli and Fort Rohtas
  • Pakistan boasts the world’s highest ATM at a height of 16,007 feet above sea level, at the Pak-China border, Khunjerab Pass.
  • Changa Manga is a man-made forest located in Pakistan. It is the largest manmade forest, and it is also the oldest.
  • Pakistan irrigation systems cover 14.5 million hectares of land and one of the largest canal irrigation systems in the world
  • Makli Hill is one of the largest necropolis (cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments) located in Thatta, its home to over half a million tombs and graves.
  • Naltar ski resort is situated  at a top elevation of 2,950 metres in the Karakoram range Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Truck art  (decorating trucks) is very famous
  • Sugarcane juice is the national drink of Pakistan.
  • The Markhor (Ibex) is the national animal of Pakistan.
  • Curry and spices are used very often in Pakistani cuisine, which leads us to #2 in the World.
  • Do you know that almost half of the world footballs are being  manufactured in Pakistan
  • Over the last few years, Pakistan’s literacy rate has risen a whopping 250%.
  • Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is ranked the second most beautiful capital in the world.

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