Explore The Beauty of Mysterious Kalash Valleys in Chitral Pakistan

Both local and foreigner tourists like Chitral Kalash tour. Chitral Valley is located on the north side of Khyber Phatunkhawn. Chitral is a very beautiful place for tourists. The valley is mysterious and amazing. There are steep mountains, green valleys, amazing meadows and huge glaciers. Tourists find it the most difficult area to explore. Climbing, hiking, and mountaineering are the most favorite activities of tourists in Chitral. Kalash has different culture and traditions but now their culture is diminishing.  Kalash valley has huge mountain range of the Hindu Kush. Chitral is a very famous place and the Kalash Valley has Greek Culture. If you want to visit Chitral, visit there from April to October. The valleys are colorful and rich in fruits. In winter, the valley experiences heavy snowfall. In Kalash, there are different valleys and tourists usually like to visit these valleys. Find Best Tour Packages in Pakistan .


Kalash Valleys


It is the most developed Kalash Valley where people can find facilities. Therefore, this valley is very popular with Pakistani tourists.

Bumburet River


This valley consists of small villages and they are less developed. This valley is popular with foreign tourists.

Grome village of Rumbur valley


This Kalash valley is least developed and a very few tourists come to visit it. Tourism in Chitral is growing in the present time. The site is one of the top tourist destinations. It has many attractions for visitors. Therefore, you should also plan your trip to Chitral.

Birir Valley | Kalash valley of Birir, Chitral

Other Places To Visit

There are many other places where you visit. The top places include Chitral Museum, Shahi Masjid, Shahi Qila, Gram Chashma, Barmoghlasht, Ayun Valley, Shandur Polo Ground, Koghazi and Goleen. You must visit these places if you visit Chitral Kalash.

Traveling from Chitral to the Kalash

You can travel to Kalash Valleys from Chitral. You can take the public transport to travel to all Chitral valleys. You can choose jeeps, shared cars, and other transportation options. It depends on your choice which type of transport option you want to take. In some places, there are no transport options available.

Things To Do In The Kalash Valleys

The tourists can do a lot in the Kalash Valleys during one of the festivals, as there are many feasts. They can see and participate in dance, drink and enjoy the bright rituals. The time of festival in Kalash Valley include Chilam Joshi (May), Uchau (September) and Choimus (around winter solstice). However, if you do not visit during festival time, you will not find much to do. However, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes. The valleys are very beautiful and amazing. You can sit there and see the nature. You can also enjoy your time in hanging out with the local people and learn about their culture.

Kalash Valley – Chitral, Kpk, Pakistan

The weather in Chitral Kalash is very pleasant throughout the year. The tourists go there and enjoy the weather even in the harsh summer. Parks and nature are the main source of attraction for visitors. You can stay in a hotel or a guesthouse. Natural food is abundant in these sites like fruits, vegetables, and nuts.


Best Tour to Explore Kalash Valley Culture


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