K2 is rising from the Baltoro Glacier in the heart of Karakoram, it is one of the most exceptional mountains on Earth. A pyramidal peak is the ultimate challenge for the world’s elite alpinists and stands at 8,611 meters and 28,251 feet above sea level, and the second highest in the world after mount Everest.

Skardu is located in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. You will find some of the world’s highest peaks in the Karakoram Range; This is one of the most popular tourist destinations especially for mountaineers and trekkers. It is the best place for mountaineering expeditions, as it is a heaven on earth. Baltoro Glacier, K2

Is Pakistan safe for Tourists? Pakistan is a beautiful country and it has a lot to offer to the tourists of the world.  The government of Pakistan is also promoting tourism in the country. Pakistan has a unique culture, beautiful and charming views. The northern areas of Pakistan are very amazing. If you visit these

Top Tombs and Shrines in Pakistan Sufism is Islamic mysticism and, in precise words, it is an aspect of Islam. Sufism promotes Islamic values. Pakistan has a rich culture and has many historical places related to Sufism. In different parts of the country, there were saints and Sufis. Hence, there are many tombs and shrines

Trekking Fairy Meadows Fairy Meadows, named by German climbers (″as fairy tale meadows″), this is locally called as Joot; it is a grassland near one of the base camp sites of the Killer Mountain famously know as Nanga Parbat. Fairy Meadows is located 3300 meters (10,800 ft) above sea level, located in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan,

Both local and foreigner tourists like Chitral Kalash tour. Chitral Valley is located on the north side of Khyber Phatunkhawn. Chitral is a very beautiful place for tourists. The valley is mysterious and amazing. There are steep mountains, green valleys, amazing meadows and huge glaciers. Tourists find it the most difficult area to explore. Climbing,

If you are planning a trip to explore Sindh, do not forget to visit Chaukandi Makli. It is the largest and oldest Graveyard in Asia. This necropolis forms an early Islamic cemetery. The place is popular for the sandstone carvings of the tombs of rich and influential people. These people include Kings, queens, governors, scholars, saint

Mughal Era (Art & Architecture) The Mughal Era was famous for art and architecture. This art and architecture is still the source of attraction for people across the world. People come to visit the majestic monuments, shrines, forts, palaces etc. The architecture of the Mughal Era explains Islamic architecture and it is the symbol of

Sightseeing of Indus civilization is for the tourists who love history and want to step back into the past. Indus civilization is a source of attraction for tourists because it is an ancient civilization and relates to the history of humankind. People often ask about the best time to visit Mohenjo Daro. The hottest months

Hunza Valley a Top Sightseeing Place Hunza is in Gilgit Baltistan and it is the most spectacular destination for tourists. The place is famous for its diverse beauty because it is a mountainous valley. The people of Hunza are also friendly and famous for their hospitality. It is the most peaceful place in the northern